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Post Graduate Studies
The Nursing stream of the Graduate Certificate in Remote Health Practice provides the opportunity for nurses to develop a framework for advanced nursing practice in remote and Indigenous primary health care settings.

The nursing stream consists of the following two foundation Remote Health practice topics:

  • Context of Remote & Indigenous Health (4.5 units)
  • Remote & Indigenous Primary Health Care (4.5 units)

Then builds on this knowledge with the following two focussed nursing practice topics:

  • Remote Advanced Nursing Practice & Pharmacotherapeutics 1A (4.5 units)
  • Chronic Disease in Remote and Indigenous Primary Health Care (4.5 units)

These provide the foundation for nursing practice in the unique environmental and cultural context of Remote Health. Using the RAN model of consultation students apply principles of comprehensive health assessment, history taking, systems examination, diagnostics, cross cultural communication, distance consultations and referrals for remote and Indigenous people at critical points in the lifespan. Students develop knowledge and skills to support Primary Health Care interventions and clinical procedures in the areas of common acute, urgent and chronic conditions.

Students can then continue on to complete: 


Further Information
Detailed information on the program of study, topic descriptions and entry requirements can be found on the Flinders University website

Short Courses and Workshops
The Centre for Remote Health offers a range of short courses and workshops which may be of interest to you.


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