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Short Courses and Workshops    
The following short courses offered by the Centre for Remote Health may be of interest to you.

  • Assessment and Care Planning in Rural, Remote & Indigenous Communities
    The course is designed for those who provide assessment and care co-ordination for old people, people with disabilities, people with mental health issues and other vulnerable people in the community.

  • Introduction to Central Australian Aboriginal Cultures and Context
    This one day workshop is specifically designed for people living and working in Central Australia. The course explores cross cultural communications and introduces the concept of cultural safety and Indigenous cultures in Central Australia.  It also outlines the health status of Indigenous peoples, the social determinants of health and how health influences all aspects of life.

  • Recognising and Responding to Dementia in Indigenous Communities
    This course is designed for primary health care and related workers who work in remote and Indigenous communities. Participants will develop a clear understanding of dementia as well as develop other skills and strategies to assess people, and assist both the person with dementia and their family in managing their dementia. One of the assessment tools you will learn to use will be the Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment (KICA).

  • Remote Trauma Skills
    This workshop is designed for Remote Area Nurses, Registered Nurses, GPs, Medical Students, Physiotherapists and Aboriginal Health Practitioners. It aims to provide participants with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to be able to safely assess and manage the principles of triage, basic suturing and how to apply a backslab within a pre-hospital environment.

  • Rethinking Mental Health in rural and remote Australia
    Mental health problems are a serious concern in rural and remote locations where access to services is often limited. Because of some of the characteristics of rural and remote locations such as compromised access to services, there is an opportunity to reconsider the way we might traditionally diagnose and treat mental health conditions. This Rethinking Mental Health short course will help you extend your skills and knowledge in understanding what a mental health problem is, how to manage risks and crises, and how to engage in helpful conversations with people experiencing mental health difficulties while also looking after yourself.

  • Working with People with Disabilities in Remote and Indigenous Communities
    Indigenous Australians are twice as likely as people in the non-Indigenous community to have a disability, and this has resulted in an increased demand for services. This short course/topic will help you further develop your skills and knowledge for working with people with disabilities in this challenging cross cultural context.


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