Conducting Medical Telephone Consultations

Centre for Remote Health

This interactive online learning module is designed to improve the medical telephone consultation skills of Remote Area Nurses. 

Who should attend
This module is designed for Remote Area Nurses (RANs). Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioners and remote medical practitioners may also find it useful. 

About the Online Learning Module
The aim of this online learning module is to improve the medical telephone consultation skills of Remote Area Nurses (RANs). There are 7 interactive scenarios containing questions for completion which are designed to help learners to engage with the content and learn more effectively. This module connects to a number of resources, including the Remote Primary Health Care Manuals, the Queensland Primary Clinical Care Manual, and a number of online documents concerning telephone consultations from different health departments.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of the module, learners will be able to:

  1. Conduct a telephone consultation with a Remote Medical Practitioner (RMP) or equivalent, following the steps of the RAN model of consultation
  2. Conduct a telephone consultation with the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS)/CareFlight to evacuate a patient
  3. Provide a sequential history and a detailed assessment summary based on the RAN model of consultation
  4. Communicate using professional language, maintain a relationship with the RMP or equivalent and reach a consensus
  5. Demonstrate professional telephone etiquette, speaking clearly and precisely 
  6. Assess and use evidence based material to support clinical based learning

The online learning module is available free of charge. 

We appreciate your feedback so please complete our evaluation form within the online learning module.

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