Transition to Remote Area Nursing (TRAN)
Centre for Remote Health
This 10 day face-to-face short course prepares registered nurses with the skills and knowledge required to become effective members of remote primary health care teams.

Modules include:
  • Framing Indigenous Health
  • Remote Advanced Nursing Practice
  • Remote Trauma Skills
  • Pharmacotherapeutics for RANs

With a focus on cultural safety, hands on skills acquisition and relevant learning, the 10 days provide ideal preparation for remote area nursing.

The CRANAplus REC course is highly recommended to complete this package.

Who should attend
Registered nurses new to remote health, considering a career move to remote area nursing or interested in remote/ rural contracts.
About the Short Course
The Framing Indigenous Health module, with a focus on cultural safety, the social determinants of health and primary health care, provides the participant with a learning experience that will enhance their knowledge and skills specifically relating to the geographical, environmental and cultural context of remote health service delivery.

The Remote Advanced Nursing Practice module concentrates on the development of foundational skills and knowledge for advanced and extended nursing practice and includes: the RAN model of consultation, clinical reasoning, assessment and management, investigation including pathology, communication and collaborative practice, evidence based practice, advanced clinical skills.

Remote Trauma Skills provide skills for the remote and isolated setting including: Primary and Secondary Survey, Wound Closure and Plaster Back Slabbing.

Taken separately as an online course, Pharmacotherapeutics for RANs (Online) aims to assist participants in developing the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure medications are used appropriately, effectively, judiciously and safely within an individual’s legislated scope of practice in the remote context. Click here for online course dates

Learning Outcomes 
  1. Outline the principles of cultural safety
  2. Describe the social determinants of health in relation to remote Indigenous communities
  3. Incorporate primary health care principles in their practice as a RAN
  4. Manage, store supply and dispense drugs in a remote areas in line with regional best practice guidelines
  5. Physically assess clients
  6. Conduct a comprehensive health assessment
  7. Follow the RAN model of consultation when consulting with patients
  8. Understanding of the proficiencies required by the RAN to work within the remote setting


Kath Martin
Lyn Byers
Karen Collas
Tobias Speare

Course Dates
Alice Springs
Monday 19th June – Friday 30th June 2017

Monday 8 May - Friday 19 May 2017

This price excludes Pharmacotherapeutics for RANs ($615 paid when registering online). It also excludes REC course.

Enquiries about REC should be directed to CRANAplus: 
Alice Springs REC course starting Wednesday 14th June 2017 will have some places for TRAN participants.
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