Looking after #1: Resilient Self-Care for Remote Health Professionals
Centre for Remote Health

About this course
Remote health professionals face unique challenges. Despite how rewarding and fulfilling their work can be, they often work in geographical, professional, and social isolation as well as in cross-cultural contexts.

Director Centre for Remote Health, Professor Tim CareyReducing burn-out and improving professional satisfaction through enhanced resilient self-care practices may be a key to improving the enduring problem of retention of high quality remote health professionals and improving remote health care.

This innovative, experiential, and evidence-based workshop which is based on a robust theory of self-regulation offers participants an opportunity to re-think self-care by proposing that conflicting individual goals are central to the experience of stress and burnout.

In a series of self-regulated interactive exercises and discussions, workshop participants will learn about  the theory of self-regulation through engaging activities; identify important individual goals; and develop effective plans to achieve greater goal clarity leading to enhanced personal and professional satisfaction and resilience.

Learning Outcomes
The workshop will provide participants with opportunities to:

  • Clarify what resilient self-care means to them
  • Learn about a model of self-regulated functioning and its implications for resilient self-care
  • Identify barriers to effective resilient self-care and
  • Develop a plan for robust and sustainable self-care


The workshop includes a participant workbook accompanied by a powerpoint presentation including YouTube vignettes. The format is activity based incorporating individual reflections as well as small group and whole group discussions.


Location Alice Springs
Cost $300
Dates It may be possible to arrange a course on request.
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Professor Tim Carey
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Comments from course participants
"Very relevant; interactive and thought provoking"
"Delivered in an interesting and instructive way"
"Made me feel motivated to have better self-care"

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