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New Release 1 September 2017

The Remote Primary Health Care Manuals are currently out of stock.
A new release will be available for purchase from 1 September, 2017


Purchase Online

Purchase Remote Primary Health Care Manuals online using a credit card as follows:

  1. Select the first product you wish to purchase from the 'Manuals' Drop Down list
  2. Enter your 'First Name', 'Last Name' and 'Email Address'
  3. Enter the 'Quantity' of the Manual you wish to purchase
  4. Complete your 'Postal Address' details
  5. Click 'Add and New'
  6. To order other products repeat steps 4, 6 & 8
  7. To review and fiinalise order click [Shopping Basket] icon at top
  8. Select 'Process Payment'
  9. Select the relevant 'Payment Method' and complete your payment details.
  10. Manuals will be delivered to your postal address

Purchase Online


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