Mission Statement

Centre for Remote Health

The mission of the Centre for Remote Health is to contribute to the improved health outcomes of people in remote communities of the Northern Territory and Australia, through the provision of high quality tertiary education, training and research focusing on the discipline of Remote Health. In particular, the Centre contributes to improved Indigenous health outcomes through partnerships with Aboriginal communities.


Our Mission Statement in Arrernte

Tyerrtye atningke aneme town-enge arlenge apmerele, ante apmere arrpenhenhe Australia-le. Itne arlenge anthurre aneme town-nge, clinic-nge ante hospital-nge. Centre for Remote Health ahentye aneme tyerrtye mape arntarnte aretyeke mwantyelhe-ilemele. Itne ahentye aneme tyerrtye mape mwerre anetyeke, arrengkwelthe-ketye, mwerre kwete anemele. Itne ahentye aneme akeltyele anthetyeke Doctors, Nurses ante health-nge warrke-irrentye akngerre mape warrke mwerre mpwaretyeke apmere putyenge. Itne ahentye aneme awethe ulkere akaltye arretheke rlkerte nhenhe ikwere-akerte. Itne ahentye aneme akaltye irretyeke iwenhenge tyerrtye nhenhe mape rlkerte-irreme. Itne ahentye aneme tyerrtye mape mwerre, rlterrke anetyeke putyele anemele, town arlenge anthurre arle anemenge. Itne ahentye aneme apurte warrke-irretyeke tyerrtye mapenge, anyente-irremele.


Listen to our Mission Statement recorded in Arrernte
Translated by Margaret Carew and Therese Ryder



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