Centre for Remote Health

27th November Seminar
Des O'Shaughnessy "Community Development Approaches for Reducing Family Violence in Australian Indigenous Communities" A Literature Review

15th October Seminar
Daniel Mackler, LCSW "An evening discussion with Daniel Mackler, filmmaker of the documentary “Healing Homes,”on recovery from psychosis without medication

16th October Workshop
A half-day workshop for consumers & companions, an exploration of the subject of recovery from “mental illness” without psychiatric medication and a discussion on the nature of psychiatric diagnosis in general

17th October Workshop
A half-day workshop with Daniel Mackler, for mental health professionals: An exploration of a variety of successful, non-medication-oriented, psychosocial treatment programs for psychosis

23rd July Seminar
Professor Bruce Guthrie “Multi Morbidity and Polypharmacy: Emerging Challenges in Primary Care.”

24th July Seminar
Professor William Stiles “The Dodo Verdict & the Responsiveness Problem in Psychotherapy Research."

25th July Workshop
Professor William Stiles “Signs and Voices: The Assimilation Model of How Talking Helps.”

3rd June Workshop
Dr Jane Addison "The impact of climate change on health and well being in Remote Australia: A scoping of impacts and adaptation options"

5th March Seminar
Prof, Mick Cooper "Control theory and existential and humanistic approaches to therapy"

6th March Workshop
Prof, Mick Cooper "Relating at depth: Theory and Practice"

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