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In July 2016, the National Indigenous NAIDOC forum was held at the Darwin Convention Centre.

Over 30 speakers from around Australia and local areas covered current issues for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples such as Health, Education and Employment. The discussions formed part of the theme for NAIDOC 2016 ‘Songlines: The living narrative of our Nation’.  This was a free event encouraging people from across Australia who were in Darwin for NAIDOC week to attend a day of education, networking and discussions about ways forward.

Centre for Remote Health Mental Health Academic Tanja Hirvonen co-facilitated an interactive session focused on suicide prevention.  Within this session there were sensitive discussions about holistic, culturally safe and culturally appropriate ways of working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples around social and emotional wellbeing concerns.  Tanja articulated that we are working well, when we are all working together and working within a trauma informed framework.

The forum was beneficial and was well attended by many people and it was clear that suicide continues to be a concerning issue for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The Centre for Remote Health (CRH) survived a wild hail storm, heavy rain and severe winds, bringing down power lines and trees during the largest June thunderstorm to hit Alice Springs in 20 years.

Todd River crossings were closed and parts of the town were swamped under a metre of water.  

A big thanks to the Centre for Remote Health and Flinders University staff who worked tirelessly in the clean-up operation over the days following the storm so that CRH could carry on with 'business as usual'.

Central Australian Remote Midwifery ForumIn July 2016, the Central Australian Remote Midwifery Forum was held at the Centre for Remote Health in Alice Springs.

Approximately 60 midwives from across remote Central Australia met for three days of education, networking and up skilling. Midwives from the Barkly region including Tennant Creek, remote Central Australia communities and the remote cross border areas of South Australia and West Australia travelled long distances to participate. Midwives working in Aboriginal Medical Services, Alice Springs Hospital, Midwifery Group Practice and students were also represented.

Sessions ranged from service provider updates, practical hand on sessions and presentations focused on contemporary issues such as iodine supplements in pregnancy, anaemia and Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder.

In June 2016, Toby SpeareCRH Pharmacy Academic, Toby Speare, Centre for Remote Health (CRH) Pharmacy Academic and course coordinator for Pharmacotherapeutics for Remote Area Nurses, was short listed and interviewed for a Churchill Fellowship through the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

The Churchill Fellowship is a highly regarded award which provides an opportunity for talented Australian citizens to travel overseas in search of new ideas, innovation and excellence.

Toby’s proposed project aims to improve health for people living in rural and remote Australian through improvements in the use of medicines.

The project will involve travel to Canada and United Kingdom to gain an understanding of activities that individual health professionals undertake to ensure Quality Use of Medicines (QUM), the systems and organisational structures that support these activities and the resources that are available to enhance QUM for people in rural and remote locations.

Flinders NT ResearchThe Centre for Remote Health (CRH) is located in Alice Springs, the heart of remote Australia making it the ideal choice as the hub of remote health research for Flinders NT.

Flinders NT researchers organise their research efforts around 3 key themes. Each theme has an associated research question:

Workforce and Health Services
What are the characteristics of an effective health workforce and health service in the NT and remote Australia?

Clinical Practice
What clinical practices contribute to improved health outcomes in the NT and remote Australia?

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