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Kristal Lawrence and Jenny Longland, Centre for Remote HealthThe Centre for Remote Health’s booth was popular at the September combined Public Health Association Australia and Chronic Disease Network conference in Alice Springs.

The conference brought together a wide range of people from varied clinical backgrounds ensuring a broad range of presentations.
Tobias Speare, Pharmacy Academic with the Centre for Remote Health, facilitated a tabletop session using the “Medicines Book” as a communication tool which was well received and it generated much interest in the Remote Primary Health Care Manual suite along with discussion about effective and appropriate tools to build patient health literacy.

CRH Director, Professor Tim Carey delivers Australian Psychological Society’s apology to Indigenous Australians. Photo courtesy of the Australian Psychological SocietyAt the 2016 Australian Psychological Society Congress in September, Centre for Remote Health’s Director, Professor Tim Carey read an apology to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians from the Australian Psychological Society.

The apology had been developed from an initial idea by Professor Alan Rosen and drafted into its final form by the Indigenous Psychology Advisory Group of the Australian Psychological Society.

The Board of Directors approved the apology at their Board meeting prior to the conference and it was read out at the end of Professor Pat Dudgeon’s keynote address.

The Centre for Remote Health was pleased to host Dr Suzanne Belton, a midwife with clinical experience in community health, women’s health, family planning, refugee health and alternative birth systems at a lunchtime knowledge sharing and discussion forum on Friday 23rd September 2016.

The discussion focused on Women's Reproductive Health - abortion in rural, regional and remote areas. All attendees rated it as an excellent session, relevant to their clinical work and context.

Australian College of Nurse Practitioners Conference - Cooking kangaroo tails at the Cultural Fire eventThe Centre for Remote Health (CRH) had a high profile at the 11th annual Australian College of Nurse Practitioners conference held in Alice Springs from the 31st August to 2nd September 2016.

Speakers from the Centre for Remote Health:

Tess Ivanhoe - The  Role of the Nurse Practitioner Within a Chronic Disease Model of Practice

Kath Martin – The Stolen Generation

Tobias Speare and Kath Martin- Prescribing Considerations in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Karen Collas - The Role and Scope of Practice of Remote Nurse Practitioners in Canada, Greenland and the United Kingdom

Sue Lenthall – The Remote Area Nurse model of consultation

Mt Isa Conference AwardsOn July 18, 4 staff members from the Centre for Remote Health set out on a road trip to Mt Isa, Queensland, 1168 kms away, to be part of the 8th Biennial national remote health conference 'Are You Remotely Interested?' hosted by the Mt Isa Centre for Rural and Remote Health (MICRRH).  There were many dedicated students and health professionals in attendance willing to share their ideas on “Rural and Remote Health workforce – Transition into Practice.”  A highlight was having dinner with The Honourable Dr David Gillespie, the newly appointed Assistant Minister for Rural Health.   Dr Gillespie was left in no doubt as to the passion for Remote health that was in the room.

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