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Associate Professor Sheree Cairney - Photo courtesy TEDxStKilda Photographer Arun MuñozIn June 2016 in St Kilda, Victoria, Centre for Remote Health’s Associate Professor Sheree Cairney presented the Interplay project via a TEDx talk entitled ‘What Aboriginal knowledge can teach us about happiness’.

About the Interplay Project
For the past five years, the Interplay Project has been working with Aboriginal communities in remote Australia to represent their values and priorities in a wellbeing framework to guide policy. No easy feat, since Aboriginal knowledge is passed on through stories, and governments mainly speak the language of numbers. So, the Interplay researchers asked Aboriginal people about their values and goals in life, and worked out how these can be measured, in order to show their importance to government.

The result of this significant work is the Interplay Wellbeing Framework, which unites Aboriginal priorities of culture, empowerment and community with government priorities of education, employment and health.

The Framework, together with its data collection and visualisation tools, will be used to evaluate the impacts of wellbeing services and programs. It’s supported by a series of fascinating video documentaries that are not to be missed.

View Sheree's TEDx talk here

Learn more about the Interplay project
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Miliwanga Sandy, Tammy Abbott, Sheree Cairney, Queenie and Maggie Jentian at the Banatjarl Women’s Garden near Katherine NT

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