Centre for Remote Health

Dr Nancy Pachana and Professor Tim Carey visiting the sights around Alice SpringsOn September 29 and 30 the Centre for Remote Health (CRH) in Alice Springs was privileged to welcome Dr Nancy Pachana to deliver an information seminar and workshop on ageing, for professionals interested in or currently working with older adults.  

24 participants attended the 1 hour Ageing Past, Present and Future seminar held on Thursday evening. Friday’s half day workshop, Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Aspects of Key Disorders in Later Life: Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Sleep Disorders and Dementia was well attended by 30 attendees. This workshop looked at assessment, diagnosis and treatment of older adults and how psychiatric disorders of later life differ from younger adults and similar disorders at earlier life stages. It also highlighted key points of assessment, diagnosis and/or treatment options for anxiety, substance abuse, sleep disorders and dementia in later life.  

Of the evaluations received many participants agreed or strongly agreed that the training expanded their knowledge. 

Dr Pachana's visit was supported by CRH Director, Professor Tim Carey and CRH Mental Health Academic, Tanja Hirvonen.

These visits provide great opportunities for practitioners working in remote Australia.

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