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CRH Director, Professor Tim Carey delivers Australian Psychological Society’s apology to Indigenous Australians. Photo courtesy of the Australian Psychological SocietyAt the 2016 Australian Psychological Society Congress in September, Centre for Remote Health’s Director, Professor Tim Carey read an apology to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians from the Australian Psychological Society.

The apology had been developed from an initial idea by Professor Alan Rosen and drafted into its final form by the Indigenous Psychology Advisory Group of the Australian Psychological Society.

The Board of Directors approved the apology at their Board meeting prior to the conference and it was read out at the end of Professor Pat Dudgeon’s keynote address.

The apology received a standing ovation and generated overwhelming emotions for the people who were present. It is believed to be the first apology of its kind anywhere in the world.

pdf Read the full content of the apology (93 KB)

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