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Cultural immersion field tripIn June 2016 a group of 14 registered nurses from different parts of Australia attended the Centre for Remote Health (CRH) short course, Transition to Remote Area Nursing (TRAN) in Alice Springs.

The first week set the scene with Framing Indigenous Health facilitated by Indigenous academic, Kath Martin. Participants gained an understanding of the health and well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Pat Ansell Dodds, an adjunct Flinders University lecturer and Arrernte Elder shared her history and conducted a field trip to her Country.

The group also enjoyed a cultural immersion field trip tasting traditional bush food and making bush medicines.

In the 2nd week, participants were introduced to the Remote Area Nurse (RAN) model of consultation, a nursing orientated model of systematic patient assessment. They then went on to practise systems assessment using live models and scenarios.

Eye Assessment Tutorials were enhanced through use of animal eyeballs kindly supplied by a local Alice Springs butcher, and the week concluded with practical sessions in plastering limbs and basic suturing in the Remote Trauma Skills short course.

Guest lecturers from local health organisations provided valuable opportunities for networking and relationship building for the future. Participants also had the opportunity to meet with potential employers in Alice Springs.

This course provides a valuable introduction to the remote context and many participants take the next step of preparing to become a RAN, enrolling in the Graduate Certificate in Remote Health Practice.

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