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Remote Primary Health Care Manuals10/02/2016
The Remote Primary Health Care Manuals (RPHCM) project is launching the current edition of its RPHCM suite in ePublication format for the first time.  

This is an entirely new medium for the RPHCM, created in response to overwhelming user feedback.

The ePublication will benefit remote practitioners interested in accessing the clinical guidelines on their smartphones, tablets and eReaders. Manuals will be able to be downloaded and referred to off-line, essential for remote areas with unreliable internet connections. The RPHCM ePublication is being offered as one ‘Super-Manual’, one bundle containing all five current clinical practice manuals.  



Having the RPHCM in a single package allows practitioners in a busy remote clinic or emergency setting to easily search and cross-reference manual content.

The RPHCM ePublication will be offered through the Amazon market and can be downloaded to a Kindle application (across a number of platforms) or Kindle reader.

The RPHCM ePublication is scheduled to be launched at the end of February and available for purchase early March 2016.

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