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pills 384846 340A workshop to assist clinicians in the provision of medications to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, was facilitated by Centre for Remote Health, Flinders NT and James Cook University staff as a pre-conference event at the 24 – 27 March 2019 National Rural Health Conference in Hobart.

Prescribing, dispensing and supporting medicines use with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples has been developed by Kathleen Martin and Tobias Speare from the Centre for Remote Health and Flinders NT, together with Sophia Couzos from James Cook University.

The workshop, designed to ensure the appropriate, safe and effective use of medicines, crucial to the effective management of many health conditions, covered access to medicines, communication considerations and adherence to therapies. It incorporated interactive activities and provided clinicians with strategies and resources to enhance quality use of medicines in collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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