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Participants at the first Central Australian Pharmacist Education (CAPE) session taking part in interactive exercises on swallowing, thickened fluids and choking hazardsThe inaugural education session of the Central Australian Pharmacist Education (CAPE) program held in February at the Centre for Remote Health (CRH) in Alice Springs received an overwhelming response, with local community and hospital pharmacists, pharmacy interns, technicians and students taking part. Tennant Creek pharmacists also joined the session via video conference.

The interactive session Swallowing, thickened fluids and choking hazards!, was presented by Ms Nanthini Kanthan and the Alice Springs Hospital Speech Pathology team. Participants were able to make up and taste various thickening products, learn about strategies to prevent choking in patients suffering from dysphagia, and take part in an interactive quiz. The session was well received and provided participants with an opportunity to network as well as earn some Group 2 CPD points.

“The pharmacy community in Central Australia is growing and these sessions provide an excellent opportunity for pharmacists and other allied health professionals to gain practical knowledge from their peers. They also provide an after-hours platform for professional networking”, said Danny Tsai, Rural Pharmacy Liaison Officer at CRH.

The collaborative program between the Centre for Remote Health, Flinders NT, Scaffidi Group and Territory Pharmacy will include monthly sessions based on a range of pharmacy-related topics presented by medical and allied health professionals.

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