Centre for Remote Health



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# Title Authors Year
261 Understanding Why Youth in Remote Australia Use Alcohol in the Ways That They Do Carey T;Macgregor M 2019
262 Use of clinical guidelines in remote Australia: A realist evaluation Reddy S;Orpin V;Mackie-Schnieder S;Struber J 2017
263 Valued but tenuous? Postgraduate clinical psychology placements for psychology students in rural and remote areas – implications for future directions. Little FH; Croker A; Carey T 2019
264 Victims of Bullying: Whom They Seek Help From And Why: An Australian Sample Dowling MJ;Carey T 2013
265 Visions 2026 Edwards T 2006
266 Walykumunu Nyinaratjaku: To live a good life. Gilroy J;Lincoln M;Taylor K;Flood V;Dew A;Jensen H;Barton R;Ryall L;McRae K 2018
267 We are not the problem, we are part of the solution: Indigenous Lived Experience Project Report Hirvonen T 2018
268 What aspects of 'rural exposure' contribute to the likelihood of taking up rural practice? A feasibility study Humphreys JS;Solarsh G;Ranmuthugala G;Solarsh B;Worley P;Dunbar JA;Wakerman J;Walters L 2006
269 What core primary health care services should be available to Australians living in rural and remote communities?
Thomas SL;Wakerman J;Humphreys J 2014
270 What do we mean by sustainable rural health services? Implications for rural health research Humphreys JS;Wakerman J;Wells R 2006
271 What is a reasonable length of employment for health workers in Australian rural and remote primary healthcare services?
Russell DJ;Wakerman J;Humphreys J 2013
272 What is the overall impact or effectiveness of visiting primary health care services in rural and remote communities in high-income countries? A systematic review. Carey T;Sirett D;Russell D;Humphreys J;Wakerman J 2018
273 What is translational research? Bell E;Harpur S;Doherty K;Struber J;Davies L 2012
274 What primary health care services should residents of rural and remote Australia be able to access? A systematic review of "core" primary health care services
Carey T;Wakerman J;Humphreys J;Buykx P;Lindeman MA 2013
275 What principles should guide visiting primary health care services in rural and remote communities? Lessons from a systematic review Carey T;Sirett D;Wakerman J;Russell D;Humphreys J 2018
276 What stresses remote area nurses? Current knowledge and future action Lenthall S;Wakerman J;Opie T;Dollard M;Dunn S;Knight S;MacLeod M;Watson C 2009
277 What's therapeutic about the therapeutic relationship? A hypothesis for practice informed by Perceptual Control Theory Carey T;Kelly RE;Mansell W;Tai SJ 2012
278 Which dimensions of access are most important when rural residents decide to visit a general practitioner for non-emergency care?
Ward B;Humphreys J;McGrail M;Wakerman J;Chisolm M 2015
279 Why Would Teachers Care? The values of rural school mental health from an educator’s standpoint Carey T 2017
280 Wildfire smoke, fire management and human health Bowman DMJS;Johnston FH 2005