Centre for Remote Health
# Title Authors Year
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146 Principles-based counselling and psychotherapy: A Method of Levels approach Carey T;Mansell W;Tai SJ 2015
147 Psychosocial safety climate as an antecedant of work characteristics adn psychological strain: A multilevel model Dollard M;Opie T;Lenthall S;Wakerman J;Knight s;Dunn S 2012
148 Public health and war - balancing security, sovereignty and public safety Grundy J;Williams R 2002
149 Qualitative Exploration of a client-centred, goal-directed approach to community-based occupational therapy for adults with traumatic brain injury
Doig E;Fleming J;Cornwell L;Kuipers P 2009
150 Re-orienting a remote acute care model towards a primary health care approach: key enablers
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151 Realising economies in the joint supply of health and environmental services in Aboriginal Central Australia
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155 Remote health Wakerman J;Lenthall S 2002
156 Remote Health Practice Lenthall S;Dade Smith J 2016
157 Remote pharmacy services: A student perspective Mahendrarajah P;Speare T 2015
158 Report of the investigation into the disappearance and subsequent death of an elderly gentleman transferred from Katherine Hospital to Kalkaringi in August 2006 Chalmers E 2007
159 Report of the workshop to review current research and determine future research priorities for cardiovascular disease in rural and remote settings, and in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people Field P;Wakerman J;Nash K 1999
160 Respiratory syncytial virus infections in Central Australia Dede A;Isaacs D;Torzillo PJ;Wakerman J;Roseby R;Fahy R;Clothier T;White A;Kitto P 2010

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