Centre for Remote Health

# Title Authors Year
1 "If it wasn't for OTDs, there would be no AMS": overseas-trained doctors working in rural and remote Aboriginal health settings
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2 "People like numbers": a descriptive study of cognitive assessment methods in clinical practice for Aboriginal Australians in the Northern Territory
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4 "You've got to make it relevant": barriers and ways forward for assessing cognition in Aboriginal clients
Dingwall KM;Lindeman MA;Cairney S 2014
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7 8 Romeo Delta Quebec to VJD Knight S 2005
8 A biopsychosocial model based on negative feedback and control
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9 A case study in strategic change: developing a strategic research program to address cardiovascular disease and related disorders in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and rural and remote settings
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11 A needs analysis of alcohol related service delivery in the Katherine Region - An Aboriginal Community Controlled Approach
Casey S;Entwistle P;Entwistle D 2012
12 A perceptual control revolution? Mansell W;Carey T 2015
13 A qualitative study of a social and emotional well-being service for a remote Indigneous Australian community: implications for access, effectiveness, and sustainability
Carey T 2013
14 A question of balance: why health systems are failing to reduce inequalities in remote Australia Grundy J 2001
15 A question of perspective
Carey T 2011
16 A Realist Case Study of a Regional Hospital’s Response to Improve Emergency Department Access in the Context of Australian Health Care Reforms Reddy S;Carey T;Wakerman J 2016
17 A ‘key worker’ model to improve service pathways for Aboriginal people with dementia in remote Central Australia
Lindeman MA;Jensen H;Bell D;Farthing A 2014
18 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioners in rural areas: credentialing, context and capacity building
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19 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health: General practice embraces its significant role to close the gap
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